In America, beer is the most popular beverage. However, the demand for beer isn’t equally distributed. On the West Coast, Oregon has been leading the craft beer revolution. Specifically, in just Portland, there are over 100 craft beer brewers. This number has grown into the double digits in the last five years. So far, there’s no sign of this number decreasing, especially because of Portland’s newly debuted CBD-infused beer. Coalition Brewing is the first company to create and release the first commercially produced CBD-infused beer in the state of Oregon.

Coalition Brewing’s CBD-infused Beer

As mentioned above, Coalition Brewing is the first company to produce and debut the first commercially produced CBD-infused beer in Oregon. The CBD-infused beer’s name is ‘Two Flowers’. According to Coalition Brewing’s general manager, Two Flowers contains four milligrams of active CBD. This amount of CBD isn’t too much, therefore, this works as a beginners’ beverage. For those who haven’t consumed CBD or cannabis before, this CBD-infused beer won’t deliver psycho-active effects. Instead, customers can experience physical and mental relaxation alongside a traditional beer buzz from this CBD-infused beer.

In addition, Coalition Brewing’s CBD-infused beer doesn’t have a particularly distinct taste as compared to other beers. But rather, the effects that occur will be a bit different, but not overwhelmingly different. Not only is CBD medically beneficial, it’s non-addictive as well, which is different than that of alcohol. Whether you’re a drinker or not, this CBD-infused beer can deliver various medical and therapeutic benefits without being too dominant.

CBD-infused Beer Trend Projections

In general, CBD comes in many different forms such as in beauty and skincare products and infused into food/beverages. However, in states where cannabis is recreationally legal, CBD-infused beer is a newly growing trend. If this CBD-infused beer trend attracts more attention and popularity, there’s a high likelihood that it’ll spread beyond just Portland, Oregon.

If you live in Oregon and/or near the Portland area, consider sampling Coalition Brewing’s new CBD-infused beer and see what you think. Moving forward, this may be a new relatively semi-healthy way to consume alcohol. What do you think?