Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, and lazy? It happens! We’ve all felt like we’ve fallen into a rut every so often. Taking care of your body is a great way to get yourself back on track. Be happy, lose weight, and improve your metabolism with CBD.

Why is Metabolism Important?

Your metabolism refers to the way that your body chemically breaks down nutrients and utilizes energy. Your metabolism effects you when you’re active, and when you’re in a resting state, which is known as Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR. At every moment, your metabolism is work to break down the food you’ve consumed and delivering energy to your body to perform its constant functions.

How Can I Boost My Metabolism?

Boosting your metabolism is vital if you want to lose weight and have more energy. There are many ways to boost your metabolism.

Weight training is a great metabolism-boosting strategy. Research shows that resistance training, also known as weight training, increases the demand on your energy usage. Over time, as your muscles grow, they demand more energy constantly, not only when you’re working them out at the gym. This increases your resting metabolic rate, meaning that your body is burning more fat and calories even when you’re at rest.

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT fitness routines, are a great way to boost your metabolism. Essentially, short sprints demand more from your metabolism and greatly increase

Think about this…

If you can boost your resting metabolic rate, your body will be burning more calories and fat even when you aren’t being active. Sounds good, right? Increasing your RMR

How Can CBD Naturally Improve My Metabolism?

Many over-the-counter products promise to help you lose weight and increase your metabolism. Unfortunately, many of these products have harmful and even life-threatening side effects. Instead of turning to these products, try CBD. According to a depth of research, CBD can naturally improve your metabolism.

A recent study found that CBD naturally decreases cell lipidation (which promotes fatty cells and fat storage), increases mitochondria activity (which metabolizes energy), and stimulates the breakdown of fat. Other studies show that CBD influences appetite. Specifically, one study found that CBD influences the release of hormones that dictate hunger and the overall digestive process.

The connection between CBD and metabolism are undeniable; research suggests that CBD naturally improves metabolism.

Be Happy with A Higher Metabolism

Surveys and studies show that happiness and weight loss are correlated – they both impact each other. While weight loss isn’t everything, losing weight by increasing your metabolism can steer you in a direction of happiness. Through the methods described above, from resistance training to HIIT routines and regular CBD use, you are one step closer to being happy.

Are you ready to jump on the metabolism-boosting happiness train? You can find all of our amazing CBD isolate products here, all of which will aid you on your journey to a better you.

Have a favorite resistence training to HIIT routine? Share your tips in the comments below!



July 28th is World Hepatitis Day. As this day approaches it is important to take a moment to learn more about hepatitis, which affects millions of people around the world. Lastly, can CBD help to alleviate symptoms of hepatitis? This is a guide to hepatitis and CBD.

What is Hepatitis?

Generally speaking, hepatitis refers to inflammation in the liver. What confuses many people about this disease is that it comes in a variety of forms. More specifically, there is Hepatitis A, B, and C, all of which are slightly different forms of a similar virus.

Complicated, right? Here’s a quick breakdown of the common types of hepatitis

Hepatitis A (HAV)

Hepatitis A is transmitted through stool. This can happen if water or food is contaminated, in hospital settings (if you’re a caregiver), or through some types of sexual contact. While Hepatitis A usually goes away on its own, symptoms are flu-like and can also include jaundice.

Hepatitis B (HBV)

Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood, semen, and bodily fluids. Symptoms of Hepatitis B include dark urine, flu-like symptoms, and jaundice. If untreated, pregnant women can pass HBV to their newborn children. Lastly, if HBV goes untreated, it can become chronic HBV, which can lead to some liver cancers and even scarring of the liver.

Hepatitis C (HCV)

Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood, sexual contact, and from pregnant mother to newborn. Those with HCV don’t always have symptoms right away, or even for years. Common symptoms include flu-like symptoms, jaundice, and light bowel movements. Hepatitis C doesn’t go away by itself – medications are required. If left untreated, you can experience severe liver problems.

Hepatitis Caused by Drug & Alcohol Use

Excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol can also cause hepatitis. The liver plays a central role in the body’s metabolic processes and helps to repair damaged cells. Prevalent drug and alcohol use prevent the liver from performing those functions, which leads to inflammation.

Can CBD Alleviate Symptoms of Hepatitis?

Using the endocannabinoid system as a vehicle to travel through the human body, CBD is able to impact all of the body’s essential systems. A depth of research shows that CBD and the endocannabinoid system overall can impact inflammation. More specifically, research suggests that CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, which is why athletes and those with medical conditions are turning to CBD for recovery. In fact, another study suggests that CBD can positively impact those with hepatitis C, and that it should be studied further for its potential in this realm. It is clear that CBD’s potential for helping those with hepatitis is there, but more research is required.

A Guide to Hepatitis and CBD

Whether you, a loved one or a friend suffers from some time of hepatitis, you’re not alone! On July 28th, you can help to spread hepatitis awareness; it is only through knowledge that we can hope to break the stigma regarding hepatitis and find solutions.

Hoping to find relief with CBD? You can find a variety of pure CBD isolate products here.



Very few people know how to take care of their skin – it’s just the truth! Did you know that skin health also impacts your overall health? Probably not! If you nodding your head in agreement, or just plain unhappy with how your skin looks and feels, keep reading. This is skin health for dummies.

Why is Skin Health so Important?

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? Not only that, but your skin is your first layer of defense against germs and diseases. As a critical part of your immune system, caring for your skin means that you’re also caring for your overall health and ultimately your future. Skin health is so important because of its role in your immune health.

How Do I Care For My Skin?

Luckily, there are a few things you can do every single day to protect your skin. If you follow this routine, you can expect your skin health to improve.

Wash Your Skin

As the first barrier of defense, your skin takes quite a beating every day. Washing your skin removes dirt, oil, and germs that have built up on the skin’s surface and in your pores. Using a washcloth or exfoliating scrubber, apply a natural soap to your skin and gently wash away the grime. Washing your skin every day (face and all), helps to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, mitigates redness, and even helps to prevent acne.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizing your skin is a critical part of caring for your skin. Moisturizing your skin helps to protect you from minor cuts and scrapes, prevents dry skin, and keeps your skin’s barrier strong. On your face, moisturizing with SPF not only protects your skin but using lotion, in general, helps to keep you blemish-free. For any lotion you put on your body, look for natural ingredients, like coconut oil and essential oils, and for health-boosting vitamins like Vitamin’s D and E. Using natural ingredients supplemented with vitamins will help to keep your skin clear, looking young, and even give you a confidence boost.

CBD for Skin Health

Regular use of CBD can also contribute to your skin’s health. Research shows that CBD can help to both moisturize skin and also reduce redness and inflammation. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, CBD can even help those with skin conditions like psoriasis. Lastly, CBD is also an antioxidant, which helps your skin to maintain its strong barrier against germs.

You can learn more about the various delivery methods for CBD, and how they can help your skin, here.

Now, Improve Your Skin’s Health

Caring for your skin is like caring for any other part of your body. With a little maintenance, your biggest organ can continue to protect your immune system and even increase your confidence. Washing and moisturizing your skin daily, and using CBD, can help you to improve your skin’s health. Now, you’re no longer a skin health dummy, so start caring for your skin today!

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Massage is a therapeutic technique that can help to alleviate many health conditions. For example, massage can relieve stress, muscle tension, anxiety, and even depression. Already love the health benefits of massage? Massage and CBD are the perfect pair.

How Can Massage Help Me?

There are many ways that massage can increase your quality of life. According to The University of Minnesota, massage can help you in many ways. For example, massage can help with muscle relaxation, improve circulation, decrease inflammation, and even increase your energy levels.

More specifically, regular massage helps to decrease inflammation. Inflammation that persists, known as chronic inflammation, and wreak havoc on your body, and is a precursor to many serious and life-threatening health conditions. Increased blood flow, during and following a massage, helps your muscles to recover faster. This increased circulation also sends signals to your immune system, preventing such a rapid inflammatory response.

Because massage decreases inflammation and improves circulation, it can help to relieve symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, muscle tension, and even anxiety. If you aren’t getting regular massages from a professional or significant other, what are you waiting for?

How Can CBD Enhance Massages?

CBD enhances many benefits you receive from massage, making massage and CBD the perfect pair.

Research shows that CBD, like massage, helps to naturally improve circulation. More specifically, one study shows that CBD increases blood flow in the brain, which can also help to decrease anxiety. When you combine massage and CBD, either topically or internally, blood flow increases, which helps you to maximize the benefits of massage.

When applied topically, or consumed regularly, CBD has been found to be an effective and powerful anti-inflammatory. One study even calls CBD “as novel as anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Adding CBD to your massage will help you to feel more relaxed and refreshed, and your muscles will definitely thank you!

Bring CBD With To A Massage

Have a massage scheduled? Bring CBD with you. CBD isolate products, like Freezing Point, are easy to transport. Also, because it’s a lotion, Freezing Point is easy to integrate into massage without any disruptions to your appointment.

As you should before any message, talk to your massage therapist about any aches and pains, as well as how you want them to utilize CBD for your specific needs.

For example, if your neck and upper back has been sore lately, ask your therapist to focus on those areas. A deep neck massage featuring CBD will help to loosen those muscles, increase circulation, and decrease painful inflammation.

Massage and CBD Are The Perfect Pair

The healing benefits or massage, combined with the alleviate effects of CBD, makes for the perfect pair. Rather than choosing to pursue one avenue of relief, you can have the best of both worlds. Together, massage and CBD increase blood flow, decrease circulation, and help to increase your quality of life overall. Massage and CBD are the perfect pair because of their combined alleviating properties. Don’t forget CBD when you schedule your next massage!



How often do you go to a salon to receive hair, nails, and/or skin treatments? This can be in the form of haircuts, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Over the years, the U.S. beauty industry continues to grow, and it has branched out into smaller sectors. These sectors include nail salons, hair salons, and skincare establishments. America’s beauty salon industry is huge, especially because the yearly average revenue of beauty salons is $5.16 billion. This vast industry includes nail salons, which consists of services like manicures, pedicures, false nails, and the sale of nail care products. Nowadays, nail salons are offering unique features to its customers to separate themselves from competitors. In particular, one Queens, New York nail salon now offers a CBD oil nail service for customers.

Background of Queens, New York Nail Salon: The Nail Room

Although New York is full of popular nail salons, ‘The Nail Room’ is particularly unique. The Nail Room offers a CBD oil nail service, which is unlike other nail salons in Queens and New York, in general. Recently, Elizabeth Garcia, the salon’s owner added a special service for her customers to take advantage of. This Summer, Elizabeth debuted her new CBD oil nail service so that her customers can relax even more than usual. Due to the success Elizabeth had with CBD in the past, she knew it was worth it to incorporate CBD oil into her list of nail services.

Elizabeth Garcia’s Success with Cannabidiol (CBD)

In the past, Elizabeth suffered from postpartum depression, which changed her quality of life. Since other treatment methods were ineffective, Elizabeth’s husband suggested she try CBD oil. After Elizabeth’s husband introduced CBD to her, she felt significantly better. From there, Elizabeth knew that CBD had a significant medicinal and therapeutic value. The following was stated by The Nail Room’s owner following her success with CBD: “Once I tried it and started to do more research, I realized people were using it in their cocktails, in their coffee, and I knew I could offer this.”

At-home CBD Oil Nail Service

If you don’t live in Queens or New York, you can still experience this special CBD oil nail service, but at-home. For example, you can mix our Infinite CBD isolate droppers with your favorite lotion. After creating your own mixture, it can be applied to your nails and skin whenever needed. Also, you could bring your homemade mixture to your regular nail salon and ask the nail technician to use it during your service of choice.

Overall, although most nail salons haven’t implemented a CBD oil nail service yet besides The Nail Room, there’s still time for this trend to grow. Also, don’t forget that you can create your own homemade mixture by using some of the beneficial products Infinite CBD sells. If this particular service interests you, utilize your creativity and produce your own creation!



During “that time of the month” are you experiencing an absurd amount of pain? Whether it’s cramping, bloating, or feeling just plain icky, period pain is the worst. Here are 10 natural ways to alleviate period pain.

1.) Drink Tea

Drinking tea is a great way to naturally alleviate period pain. Teas containing peppermint, kava kava, ginger, valerian root and ginseng can help to reduce inflammation and decrease pain.

2.) Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils can also help to reduce period pain. Using a diffuser, enjoy good scents and feel better! For pain reduction, try lavender, rosemary, and turmeric essential oils.

3.) Exercise

Believe it or not, a light workout can help to alleviate period pain. Working out boosts endorphins – a chemical which reduces the body’s inflammatory response! Try taking a brisk walk or going for a light swim.

4.) Apply Heat

Heat is great, and is a natural way to alleviate period pain. Apply a hot pad or hot water bottle to the low abdomen or low back. This will help to reduce muscle tension and contractions and reduce pain overall.

5.) Acupuncture

The nervous system is what sends “pain” signals throughout your body, so why not target it when experiencing period pain? Acupuncture is often a quick and relatively easy way to slow the nervous system’s messaging, which helps to alleviate your pain.

6.) Massage

Oftentimes, that time of the month can be stressful. Cramps, bloating, and the extra hormones don’t help. Getting a massage is a great way to relieve stress, tension, and reduce inflammation that may be caused by your period.

7.) Get Your Vitamin D

Did you know that the majority of people have a Vitamin D deficiency? In addition to affecting your mood, Vitamin D deficiencies can aggravate pain. Even if you live in a warm and sunny climate, a dose of Vitamin D can naturally reduce your period pain.

8.) Consume Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition to getting a healthy dose of medium-chain triglycerides, coconut oil can help relieve cramps and bloating caused by your period. Seriously, this is some tasty period pain relief.

9.) Stretch

Cramps are a common element of period pain. Cramps happen because your muscles are contracting. Stretching, even for a few minutes, can help to lengthen those tighten and contracting muscles, proving you will natural relief.

10.) Take CBD

Taking CBD before and during your period is a natural way to alleviate period pain. Studies show that CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. This means that CBD helps to loosen tender and contracted muscles, which provides you with some much-needed natural relief from cramping and bloating. In addition, many Infinite CBD products contain coconut oil, which also helps to reduce period pain.

Bye Bye, Period Pain

We’ve all been there – period pain can be difficult to manage. Using these 10 natural ways to alleviate period pain will not only make you dread your period less, but you’ll feel more energized and experience less pain. Period pain doesn’t have to disrupt your life anymore, especially when there are natural pain-fight alternatives.

For topical period pain relief, try Freezing Point.

For internal period pain relief, try Rocket Ships.



What do New York, New Hampshire, and Delaware have in common? For one, they’re all U.S. states located on the East Coast. For two, these states have moved forward with medical cannabis programs, and they recognize cannabis as a medically valuable plant. Also, each of these states allow for the sale, purchase, and consumption of Cannabidiol (CBD). Specifically, stores located in each of these states are adding CBD-based products to their product menus. The main CBD-based product consists of CBD coffee. Recently, a handful of Seacoast shops have begun adding CBD coffee beverages to their menu. As a result, the usage of CBD keeps growing, and more people are giving it a chance.

New York, Delaware, and New Hampshire Stores’ Addition of CBD-infused Coffee

As briefly mentioned above, medical cannabis is legal in New York, Delaware, and New Hampshire. Cannabidiol usage is also legal in these states, and various CBD-products are available for purchase in different Seacoast stores. In recent years, CBD oils and CBD-based products have been growing in demand throughout the Northeast coast’s health food stores and smoke shops. Due to CBD’s vast array of potential medicinal properties though, this compound has gained additional attention, popularity, and usage in this specific region of the U.S.

Benefits of CBD and its Presence in Infused Beverages

Moreover, Cannabidiol is a medically beneficial compound found within the cannabis plant and hemp. Not only can CBD provide users with pain, inflammation, muscle-spasm, and anxiety relief, but it does more than that. CBD can improve one’s quality of life by helping to get the body healthier. Since CBD can be derived from hemp, it can be legally sold, purchased, and consumed throughout the U.S. This is the case with many Seacoast stores that are selling CBD coffee.

One main intention of adding CBD into coffee is because this cannabinoid eases anxiety and jitteriness that can be caused by caffeine consumption. In general, the CBD that’s used in Seacoast stores’ infused coffee is derived from hemp. Therefore, it’s non-psychoactive, and it contains no THC. With this being said, there weren’t many hurdles that Fresh Vibes Café, Dover Natural Foods, and Hampton Natural Foods had to face when adding CBD-infused coffee to their menus.

Growing CBD-infused Beverage Trend

Overall, CBD-infused coffee is a beneficial way of consuming caffeine while receiving medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Although this trend is still growing, more U.S. states are jumping on board by offering CBD-based products including infused food and drinks.

Next time you’re on the East Coast, consider stopping in New York, New Hampshire, and/or Delaware to sample their select stores’ CBD coffee. This infused drink may become your new beverage of choice, especially if you’re a coffee or CBD enthusiast. You’ll never know until you give it a try, right?



In America, beer is the most popular beverage. However, the demand for beer isn’t equally distributed. On the West Coast, Oregon has been leading the craft beer revolution. Specifically, in just Portland, there are over 100 craft beer brewers. This number has grown into the double digits in the last five years. So far, there’s no sign of this number decreasing, especially because of Portland’s newly debuted CBD-infused beer. Coalition Brewing is the first company to create and release the first commercially produced CBD-infused beer in the state of Oregon.

Coalition Brewing’s CBD-infused Beer

As mentioned above, Coalition Brewing is the first company to produce and debut the first commercially produced CBD-infused beer in Oregon. The CBD-infused beer’s name is ‘Two Flowers’. According to Coalition Brewing’s general manager, Two Flowers contains four milligrams of active CBD. This amount of CBD isn’t too much, therefore, this works as a beginners’ beverage. For those who haven’t consumed CBD or cannabis before, this CBD-infused beer won’t deliver psycho-active effects. Instead, customers can experience physical and mental relaxation alongside a traditional beer buzz from this CBD-infused beer.

In addition, Coalition Brewing’s CBD-infused beer doesn’t have a particularly distinct taste as compared to other beers. But rather, the effects that occur will be a bit different, but not overwhelmingly different. Not only is CBD medically beneficial, it’s non-addictive as well, which is different than that of alcohol. Whether you’re a drinker or not, this CBD-infused beer can deliver various medical and therapeutic benefits without being too dominant.

CBD-infused Beer Trend Projections

In general, CBD comes in many different forms such as in beauty and skincare products and infused into food/beverages. However, in states where cannabis is recreationally legal, CBD-infused beer is a newly growing trend. If this CBD-infused beer trend attracts more attention and popularity, there’s a high likelihood that it’ll spread beyond just Portland, Oregon.

If you live in Oregon and/or near the Portland area, consider sampling Coalition Brewing’s new CBD-infused beer and see what you think. Moving forward, this may be a new relatively semi-healthy way to consume alcohol. What do you think?



First, congratulations on the new member of the family! This is an exciting, fun, and sometimes stressful time – no one said being a new parent would be easy. When it comes it breastfeeding your newborn, you may not know all of the tricks just yet. Luckily, here are 5 tips for better breastfeeding. If you think adding CBD into your regimen is for you, here are some delicious CBD gummies.

1.) Ask for Help

You’re a new parent. No one is going to judge you. Ask your doctor or a lactation consultant for help. If your newborn is fussy, doesn’t seem hungry, or you’re having trouble establishing a feeding schedule, the professionals will know what to do. Don’t hesitate to ask for their expert opinions.

2.) Get a New Pump and Latch

It is essential to get a new pump and have the right latch. A new pump ensures that your baby won’t be exposed to outside germs, which their immune systems can have trouble fighting off. Additionally, finding the right latch will help protect you, the mother. A good latch won’t leave you with sore, cracked, or dry nipples. If you’re having trouble finding the right latch or pump, consult your doctor.

3.) Enlist your Partner

Getting help from your partner is a great way to make breastfeeding a less stressful process. In addition to having an extra set of hands to help adjust your newborn’s position, this is a great time to solidify those parental bonds. Enlisting your partner also ensures that you both are on the same page about your baby’s eating habits – this will help later when it’s time to start bottle feeding!

4.) Track your Newborn’s Feedings

Want to have a better sense of your newborn’s needs? Tracking their feedings is a great way to monitor and later predict when your baby will need to be fed. This can also help you to know when you need to pump if you plan to travel to have to go into the office. Additionally, this is great information to give your doctor during your newborn’s regular check-ups.

5.) Take CBD

Did you know that even newborn babies have endocannabinoid systems? In fact, the endocannabinoid system plays a critical role in your baby’s development in utero and once they are born. Through breast milk, even if you’re not on a CBD regime, cannabinoid receptors pass from you to your baby, helping to boost their immune systems and supporting their brain and nervous system development.

Ready for Better Breastfeeding?
The excitement of a new baby can lead to some general stress and frustration. Mitigate the stress by utilizing these 5 tips for better breastfeeding. Your baby and your partner will thank you for it!

What to learn more about CBD? Find more information here.



Ever wonder why there are so many different CBD delivery methods? Isn’t CBD the same, no matter how you use it? Wrong. Infinite CBD products available in many delivery methods for everyone’s endocannabinoid system. We want you to feel all of CBD’s amazing potential benefits, which is why we cater to everyone’s unique endocannabinoid system.

Start With Balancing Your Endocannabinoid System

If you’re new to CBD, or just started taking CBD sporadically, it’s important to start with balancing your endocannabinoid system. Like other body systems, the endocannabinoid works more efficiently when it’s in balance – this means that your endocannabinoid receptors are being used consistently as pathways throughout your body.

It can be difficult to tell if your endocannabinoid system is in balance. Start by consistently taking the same dose of CBD daily. When you feel like your body is experiencing some positive effects, you’ve found your sweet spot; until you feel this, you can slowly increase your daily dose of CBD. Your optimum dose of CBD will depend on your height, weight, metabolism, diet, and even activity level, so be patient.

Once your endocannabinoid system is in balance, you can begin finding the delivery methods that work best for your individual needs.

Why Do CBD Delivery Methods Matter?

CBD delivery methods matter for many reasons. First, you must ask yourself, “how do I want CBD to help me?” Maybe you have needs that require topical application, or ingestion related to something specific, like your digestive system.

Delivery methods transport CBD isolate from point A to point B, making sure you’re getting relief where you need it. For example, if you experience joint inflammation following exercise, a topical delivery method provides you with more rapid effects.

Choosing the right delivery methods for your needs ensures that you will experience all of the benefits that CBD has to offer. Selecting the most effective delivery method means you’ll find maximum benefits.

Finding the Right Delivery Method

Finding the right delivery method for CBD is all about experimentation; sometimes we seek daily consumption, while other times we may for more sporadic needs.

For example, if you experience chronic pain, you may have daily needs. If your pain is worse during a specific time of day, like in the morning, you may want to take a CBD A.M. Capsules in the morning. If your pain starts to creep up in the middle of the day, Asteroid CBD gummies are a great on-demand option.

Maybe you experience more sporadic pain, perhaps from a previous injury, surgery, or medical condition. If your pain tends to be localized in a specific area, CBD Freezing Point is an excellent topical option. If you experience intense menstrual pain, CBD Rocket Ships are another localized delivery method that can provide you with fast relief.

Finding the right delivery method is all about analyzing your needs and experimenting with CBD products that offer a variety of delivery methods.

Find Your Ideal CBD Delivery Method

Finding the right CBD delivery method is all about patience. With Infinite CBD products, you can experiment and explore every delivery method based on your individual needs.

Have you found the delivery methods that work best for you? Share them with us in the comments!